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How to style the lollipop color (of a deployment diagram) ?

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hi there,

how can I skinparam the lollipop color of a deployment diagam.

especially the ball always seems to be white inside.


something -right(0- anything : description


This one helps to color the line

skinparam componentArrow {
    Color #green    

And this one the text onto the line

skinparam class {
    ArrowFontColor #green


Best Regards,

asked Sep 7 by DaRolla (450 points)

1 Answer

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This is not possible in official release.

However, in last beta, we have added a new skinparam so that you can have:


skinparam arrowColor  #blue
skinparam arrowFontColor #blue
skinparam arrowLollipopColor #red
something -right(0- anything : description


Is this what you are looking for ?

answered Sep 11 by plantuml (126,850 points)
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