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can't use 5-char unicode codepoints

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On the server I can use 5-char Unicode codepoints, eg <U+1F310>, see this example.

When I install ver.1.2017.15 locally and run this command, such codepoints are not converted to the corresponding char:

java -cp c:\prog\plantuml\* net.sourceforge.plantuml.Run -charset UTF-8 %*
The purpose of this command is to enable PDF rendition (using a bunch of extra jars), see http://plantuml.sourceforge.net/qa/?qa=1026/instruction-how-enable-pdf-support-seems-not-correct-anymore
If I run with the normal command

java -jar c:\prog\plantuml\plantuml.jar -charset UTF-8 %*

The codepoints eg <U+1F310> are rendered fine, but the embedded unicode char 

asked Aug 30 in bug by valexiev (520 points)
edited Aug 30 by valexiev

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