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Escape Square Brackets in a label

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How can I escape a closing Square Bracket in the label of a connection? see below
Sender1  -up-> [↑ Curly works\n{M-3}] Receiver1
Sender2 -up-> [↑ Parenthesis\too\n(M1)] Receiver2
Sender3  -up-> [ ~[Square\nBrackets\ndoesn't ~] Receiver3
asked Aug 7 by costateixeira (230 points)

1 Answer

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ou can escape char:

Sender1  -up-> [Curly works\n{M-3}] Receiver1
Sender2 -up-> [Parenthesis\ntoo\n(M1)] Receiver2
Sender3  -up-> [ [Square\nBrackets\ndoesn't ]] Receiver3
answered Aug 8 by Serge Wenger Work (4,770 points)
selected Aug 8 by costateixeira
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