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please add box (and/or participant) nesting ability

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Am I able to put box into another box in sequence diagrams?

Could we add box and/or participant nesting?
asked Jun 29 in Wanted features by boshka (1,150 points)
edited Jun 29 by boshka

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do you mean something like this?

a -> b
group first box
b -> c
group second box
c -> a
a --> c
group third box
c -> c
end group
c -> a
end group
c --> b
end group
a -> c



Update: As you changed the topic and content of your question... multiple boxes to group participants are not (yet) possible.



answered Jun 29 by mgrol (200 points)
edited Jun 29 by mgrol
yes, basiacally what I am looking for are nested boxes and nested participants in an arbitrary order:

box "b1"
     participant "b1_p1"
     box "b1_b1"
           participant "b1_b1_p1"
     end box
end box

And, the same for participant:

participant "p1"
      participant "p1_p1"
      end participant

      box "p1_b1"
            participant "p1_b1_p1"
            end participant

            box "p1_b1_b1"
            end box
      end box

end participant

Are there any plans to support this?
I don't know. But I put a vote on your feature request because I also find it handy.
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