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{abstract} in written form

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sometimes italic text is not perceptible or obvious enough, especially if using another font for class/method names like "Segoe Print" and using PlantUML's handwritten feature. Therefore, I want to use the same trick for my UML diagrams as you do, if drawing UML by hand in reality. You will usually apply the text "{abstract}" to methods, for example.

I found a way doing this in PlantUML, e.g.

class MyClass {
+abstractMethod() 	 	 {abstract}
Question 1:
Is there a more convenient and less verbose way achieving this? The nicest this would be a switch/option for PlantUML, i.e. I simply could use "{abstract} +abstractMethod()" as regular, but the switch decides how to present this.
Question 2:
I haven't found a way to display, if the class is abstract or not (using the written form of "{abstract}" and not italic).
Thanks in advance!
asked Jun 12 by anonymous

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