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A preprocessor condition, based on the current plantuml.jar version?

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i'd like to differenciate iuml code based on the PlantUml version used. Is it possible?

such as:

!if %PLANTUML_VERSION% >= 1.2017.12
    <new code>
   <legacy code>
asked May 24 in Wanted features by boshka (1,150 points)
edited May 24 by boshka

1 Answer

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It's not possible in official release, but in last beta:


You can have:

title this is %PLANTUML_VERSION%
alice -> bob : hello
!if %PLANTUML_VERSION% > 1201713
alice -> bob : A
alice -> bob : B

Unfortunately, this is not working with "old" release.

Thanks for the suggestion!

answered May 29 by plantuml (126,850 points)

Could you add !if in the PlantUML keyword file generated with -language?

Sure, thanks for the remind ! :-)
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