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hide unlinked results in error for the following code

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this fails with error in plantuml.1.2017.13.jar
however worked fine in plantuml.1.2017.12.jar
@startuml aaa.svg
!definelong a(unlinked_handling)
participant a
participant b
participant c
a(hide unlinked)
asked May 17 in bug by boshka (1,150 points)
retagged May 17 by boshka

1 Answer

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Thanks for the feedback.

Your example should work with last beta (1.2017.14beta 6)


Tell us if it's not working for you!
answered May 17 by plantuml (126,850 points)
This simple example fails in 1.2017.14beta 6:

    !definelong test_me()

Result SVG is:
Syntax Error?
Did you mean:
When there are no argument in a macro, you should use it that way:
!definelong test_me
Is it working better that way ?
Yes, this works, but it will take to update all existing diags
Could we continue to support the test_me() notation for a macro without args?

Also, when reading a code the notation test_me() will look less confusing.
Ok, we'll give a try. We'll post a message here when a new beta will be ready
many thanks!
You can try beta 7 here:
This has not been widely tested, so feedback welcome!

thanks! worked ok for me
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