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Incorrect error line number when config file used

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When config file is provided on plantuml cmd line, error reporting shows incorrect line number in the input file. For example, if I have this plantuml_err.pu file with error on line #5:

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     Alice -> Log : Log attack start
W/o the config, line number is reported correctly:
$ java -splash:no -jar plantuml.jar plantuml_err.pu -tsvg
Error line 5 in file: C:\scratch\plantuml_err.pu
Some diagram description contains errors
However, if I also provide a 7 line long config:
$ java -splash:no -jar plantuml.jar plantuml_err.pu -tsvg -config plantuml.config
Error line 12 in file: C:\scratch\plantuml_err.pu
Some diagram description contains errors
Apparently, plantuml concatenates config file with input file and reports line number from the combined input. However, error message still refers to the original source file, which is confusing.


asked May 16 in bug by glexey (160 points)

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Thanks for the feedback.

We've made a quick correction in last beta https://www.dropbox.com/s/koo42q3d9gxw288/plantuml.jar?dl=0

Tell us if it's ok for you!


answered May 16 by plantuml (126,850 points)
selected May 16 by glexey
Awesome - looks working, thanks!
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