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Layout problems in TEOZ engine: DIVIDER and NOTE OVER

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When I'm using the new TEOZ engine there are some rendering problems I figured out recently. One with a DIVIDER at the wrong position and one with a NOTE OVER leaving the box margin.

At the following Download-Link you can find both rendered png files and the original puml file (only available for 7 days).

Thank you in advance.


asked May 8 in bug by bob789 (140 points)
edited May 8 by bob789

1 Answer

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Thank for the feedback.
This should be fixed in last beta:

The Teoz engine is working quite fine now, so we will probably switch the default layout engine from the current one ("Puma") to the new one ("Teoz") in the incoming months.

Thanks again, and do not hesitate to post again if you find other issues!
answered May 9 by plantuml (126,850 points)
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