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Queue display bug in 1.2017.12

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Queues in component diagrams don’t render correctly in 1.2017.12.

queue queue

see: http://www.plantuml.com/plantuml/png/AonDBKrLA0IH0000


produces something like this:

__         __
  | queue |
  |       |




asked May 4 in bug by anonymous

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answered May 4 by Serge Wenger Work (5,150 points)
selected May 4 by plantuml
Thanks, for answering this one. However this change is very unfortunate as it introduces a non backward-compatible change: now I have to adjust tons of diagram code currently using the "queue" keyword and change it into "pipe". Apart from that the now actual queue symbol so far for me was always associated with the concept of a stack.

Given that the probably authoritative source of Enterprise Integration Patterns by Hohpe & Woolf uses the cylindric symbol for topics and queues (like all other books on messaging known to me do), I really wished  that a new keyword had been used for a new symbol instead of redefining a long established one :-((
Ok, so wait before adjusting your diagrams.
We *may* switch back to "queue" and use "stack" for the new drawing.
That would be great. Luckily nearly all my diagrams include one file with common elements and I will place a "!define queue pipe" in there in the interim.
We've released a new beta
The keywords are now "queue" and "stack"
Hope this helps!
This will be published in next official release.
Let me lay it out.

1. Current behavior (1.2017.12)
    queue = looks like stack
    stack = not keyword--broken
    pipe = looks like queue

2. As I understand the next version behavior (1.2017.13)
    queue = looks like queue
    stack = looks like stack
    pipe = not keyword--broken

Why not allow pipe to be an alias to queue?
> Why not allow pipe to be an alias to queue?

This could be confusing for users. We try to have something consistent here.

Are you asking this because of the transition between 1.2017.12 and 1.2017.13 ?
If it's the case, we could *temporary* allow pipe as an alias to queue, but this will be removed in 1.2017.14
If you're avoiding pipe, better to avoid completely. I'll just avoid 1.2017.12
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