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I would like to represent queues and topics

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I have systems in which I want to represent queues or topics on a broker.  This would be really useful to represent on a component or deployment diagram.


Here are a few examples I pulled off the web that might be useful for inspiration.  The example is from IBM and uses a fairly clean representation of a queue (see remote queue, local queue, transmission queue).


MQ Queues



asked Apr 19 in Wanted features by rex-sheridan (150 points)

2 Answers

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Using deployment diagram right now, you can have:

agent agent
artifact artifact
boundary boundary
card card
cloud cloud
component component
control control
database database
entity entity
file file
folder folder
frame frame
interface  interface
node node
package package
queue queue
rectangle rectangle
storage storage
usecase usecase



However, the "queue" is not drawn as you are expecting.

I think we are going to rename our "queue" to "pipe" (since it looks like a pipe) and implements a "queue" as in your example.

We'll post a message here when ready.

Thanks again!

answered Apr 19 by plantuml (125,210 points)
selected Apr 20 by rex-sheridan
Hello, to complete your sample, there is already "actor"
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With last beta

You can have:

queue queue
pipe pipe

Hope this helps!

answered Apr 20 by plantuml (125,210 points)
Hello, it is OK for me but with "java -jar C:\PgmFiles\PlantUML\plantuml.jar -language" there is new "skinparam", but no new "type"
Thanks for the feedback. We've just fixed it, you can download beta2
Thanks for the quick responses.  I actually like both styles and can use them for different use cases.  They are great!
FYI some user complains that the "queue" drawing has changed.
So we will probably add a new keyword "stack" to display the actual queue, and
switch back "queue" to the old drawing (that is the actual pipe).
Hope it's ok for you.
Seems fine to me.  I like and use both icons in my diagrams for various purposes.  It won't be much effort for me to replace keywords in my diagrams.  Whenever the new version is ready I will try it out.  Thanks!
We've released a new beta
The keywords are now "queue" and "stack"
Hope this helps!
This will be published in next official release.
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