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Images in Reference Guide missaligned

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Some of the images in the Reference Guide (Version 2017.08) are missaligned by 2 chapters, e.g.

1.14. Devider: shows image from section 1.12 Changing notes shape

1.15 shows the image of 1.13

1.16 shows the image of 1.14

etc...  all the way until chapter 2
asked Apr 19 in bug by anonymous
Yes there is fault. But only in sequencediagram parts after chapter 1.8.  There the same example ficure example five times and after that all others in the chapter are shifted forward.
Do you still have the issue ? It may be a cache issue, because http://plantuml.com/PlantUML_Language_Reference_Guide.pdf should be ok right now.

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Many thanks for the feedback!

This should be ok now.

answered Apr 19 by plantuml (125,210 points)
Looking good, thanks for the fast reaction!
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