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Is it possible to add metadata to SVG file like it is done for PNG files?

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PlantUML adds metadate, the parsed code, to PNG files. Can this also be done for SVG files?



asked Mar 27 in bug by PeterBakker (350 points)
BTW I just noticed I have posted this as a bug, but it's just a question...

1 Answer

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Yes, it could be added as comment in the SVG file (using <!-- and --!>)

Is this what you are expecting ?
answered Mar 27 by plantuml (126,850 points)
selected Mar 29 by PeterBakker
Yes that would be great :-)
This should be ok in last beta
Tell us if it's what you are expecting !
Thanks, it works as expected :-)
SVG seems to support this: https://www.w3.org/TR/SVG/extend.html#ForeignNamespaces

This is much better than comments since it can be red by other tools.

Thank you.
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