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make "as" work consistent

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I think this is worth an improvement: If I use something like

database db1 as "My Data"
database "Your Data" as db2

it works seamlessly, suggesting that the order of as is not important at all, but rather creates a second identifier

However when using {} this does not work always

database db3  as "My Database" {

does not work, while using  <"My Database" as db3>  instead works.

Thank you very much for being open to such feedback/suggestions!
asked Mar 23 by stephan (390 points)
similar inconsistent behaviour I find with multi line strings
frame hi as "hi
works, while
frame "hi
ho" as hi
does not for me

1 Answer

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The first issue is fixed in last beta5 https://www.dropbox.com/s/koo42q3d9gxw288/plantuml.jar?dl=0

Thanks again!
answered Mar 23 by plantuml (126,850 points)
thank you too,
this project is really awesome!
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