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Is it possible to make links go left to right or right to left on deployment diagrams

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At the moment if I go

A -0)- B

I get A over B, it would be nice to have B to the right of A.
asked Mar 15 by anonymous

1 Answer

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I have basically the same problem, I just want 3 nodes next to each other(with components in them), but the placement of the nodes is very weird.

I also want to add cardinality to the links, but that doesn't work either.

I made a small example:

node n1 {
component c1
node n2 {
component c2
n1 "1"-right-"1" n2

but the link is still vertically and the "1" doesn't get added to the link
answered Mar 15 by Brancus (170 points)
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