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Links stopped working

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It seems llinks in the diagrams stopped working recently.

Here's a repro:

abstract class Semigroup {
 + append x y [[http://gusty.github.io/FSharpPlus/abstraction-semigroup.html#mappend {Appends two semigroups} ]]

This was working 3 days ago, now the whole links are being displayed.



asked Mar 15 in bug by gusty (150 points)

1 Answer

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Yes, there have been a slight syntax change about links. We are sorry about that, usually, we try to avoid this kind of change, but syntax on links really needed to be cleaned. See http://plantuml.com/link

The right way to do it is now :

abstract class Semigroup [[http://gusty.github.io/FSharpPlus/abstraction-semigroup.html]] {
 + append x y [[[http://gusty.github.io/FSharpPlus/abstraction-semigroup.html#mappend {Appends two semigroups} ]]]


answered Mar 15 by plantuml (126,730 points)
selected Mar 15 by gusty
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