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Why there is class limit?

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I found limit of 40 classes that can be shown or can be used in one file? Is there any purpose? could there be more?
asked Feb 28 in Wanted features by anonymous

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There are no such limits for number of classes.

For example, the following diagrams are more than 40 classes:


However, there are some limits (nothing is infinite). Maybe you are talking about PLANTUML_LIMIT_SIZE (see http://plantuml.com/faq )

Does it helps you ?
answered Feb 28 by plantuml (125,210 points)
Hm but thing is that when I make a bit complicated structure, the pending state hangs for half an hour and then it gives me an error. Maybe its way to much for it ;-)
Try to split your diagram into several diagrams.

How many classes are there?

Pay also attention to use --> arrow instead of ->
Removing labels from arrow usually also helps.
So i am trying to use this diagram not exactly like class standard diagram but rather like object oriented DB where i am using classes as objects and "arrows" as relation between each object, right now i have got around 50 objects, but maybe around 150 relations between them. Every relation has got label because it describes the type of relation between objects

Maybe you can give me a hint how can I use it better.
Ok, you can send us your file by email, so that we have a look at it and give you some hints
and what is an email where can I send that? :-)
You can use plantuml@gmail.com
Unfortunately as I was talking to customer this is part of my NDA ;-(. But thank you for your help :-) Do you think that in future there will be option how can be each class modified through GUI? Or it will stay read only (picutre)?
About NDA, if possible, you could rename each class to Foo00 to Foo50 and change labels with XXXX characters. This way, you could send us the file.
About GUI, it's very unlikely that we have one in the future. Our tool is really text oriented.
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