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Dates in Gantt diagrams

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I would like to be able to talk about dates in Gantt diagrams. Example syntax

[Prototype design] starts at [2017/08/01]
(Interesting aside: Mermaid supports Gantt diagrams as well: https://knsv.github.io/mermaid/#gant-diagrams7. The syntax in PlantUML looks like it will be much better, though)
asked Feb 24, 2017 in Wanted features by jhannes (220 points)

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Many thanks for your suggestion!

Using last beta https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13064071/plantuml.jar
you can now define something like:

Project starts the 20th of september 2017
[Prototype design] as [TASK1] lasts 13 days
[TASK1] is colored in Lavender/LightBlue
[Prototype completed] happens at [TASK1]'s end

We did not use format like 2017/08/01 because, depending on people usage, day and month can be ambiguous.

About syntax, it's not that easy to find a simple one. Several tries are usualy needed to find better ideas.

So do not hesitate to play with our proposal and to make suggestions: nothing is fixed right now, so you can help here!

Thanks again!

answered Feb 24, 2017 by plantuml (131,070 points)
What I don't like about the current proposal is that there are so many potential ways of writing a date. In the example: "starts on the 20th of september", "starts on the 20 september" works, while "starts on 20 september", "starts on september 20th" does not. As a non-native English speaker, the spelling of month names can potentially trip me up as well.

2017/09/20 is somewhat ambiguous, but not really. (09/08/2018 would be truly ambiguous, though) It is also according to the ISO 8601 standard.

At any rate: The option of adding dates to Gantt diagrams is an absolute need for the diagrams to be usable, the syntax(es!) are not as important.
Ok, we are really open to discussions and suggestions.

So in last release (V8057), we have added support to ISO 8601 standard.
You can also shorten month name to the 3 first characters.

So you can now have:
Project starts the 2017/9/20
Project starts on the 2017-9-20
Project starts the 20th of sep 2017

We do not support "september the 20th, 2017" yet but this will be added.

Many things remain to be done (for example, possibility to close some days like Saturday, Sunday or specific holidays...) This will be added shortly. Stay tuned :-)
@plantuml It´s this function working now? because I try to add this code but appear syntax error:

Project starts the 20th of september 2017
[Prototype design] as [TASK1] lasts 13 days
[TASK1] is colored in Lavender/LightBlue
[Prototype completed] happens at [TASK1]'s end

I have only this error when I want to add a specific month
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