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[BUG] storage object parsed with tikz as rectangle

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this plantumlcode:

storage a
parsed with tikz to:
% generated by Plantuml 8056      
\draw[color=black,fill=plantucolor0000,line width=1.5pt] (6pt,8pt) rectangle (34pt,47.0654pt);
\node at (16pt,18pt)[below right]{a};
The storage object should be a circle, but is parsed as a rectangle.


asked Feb 23 in bug by p1tt1 (160 points)

1 Answer

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Thanks for the report.
There is indeed an issue: the storage should be a rectangle with round border (and not a circle).
This is more obvious with the following example:

storage this_a_very_long_storage

We are not tikz expert here, so it would be nice if you could manually patch the generated tikz code to change the rectangle to a round border rectangle, and post the result back here.
Does it sound possible to you?

With your working example, it would allow us to fix this in PlantUML code.

Thanks again!

answered Feb 23 by plantuml (125,210 points)

can you use a code snippet like this:

\usetikzlibrary{shapes.misc, positioning}
     \node [draw, color=black,fill=plantucolor0000,line width=1.5pt, rounded rectangle] {this\_a\_very\_long\_storage};
Many thanks for your snippet, it helps!
We did it slightly differently, but it put us on the way.

So here is a new beta that should fix the issue:

Tell us if it works for you!

your jar missing the main manifest attribute.

Are now also the corners of activity-diagram-nodes round? :-)
Ops, sorry!
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13064071/plantuml.jar should be ok now.
About corners of activity-diagram-nodes round, not sure to understand.
Could you post a minimum non-working example? Thanks
:rounded rectangle;

% generated by Plantuml 8056      
\draw[fill=black,line width=1.0pt] (71.5pt,20pt) ellipse (10pt and 10pt);
\draw[color=plantucolor0002,fill=plantucolor0001,line width=1.5pt] (10pt,50pt) rectangle (133pt,86.3418pt);
\node at (20pt,60pt)[below right]{rounded rectangle};
\draw[color=black,line width=1.0pt] (71.5pt,116.3418pt) ellipse (10pt and 10pt);
\draw[fill=black,line width=1.0pt] (72pt,116.8418pt) ellipse (6pt and 6pt);
\draw[color=plantucolor0002,line width=1.5pt] (71.5pt,30pt) -- (71.5pt,50pt);
\draw[color=plantucolor0002,fill=plantucolor0002,line width=1.0pt] (67.5pt,40pt) -- (71.5pt,50pt) -- (75.5pt,40pt) -- (71.5pt,44pt) -- cycle;
\draw[color=plantucolor0002,line width=1.5pt] (71.5pt,86.3418pt) -- (71.5pt,106.3418pt);
\draw[color=plantucolor0002,fill=plantucolor0002,line width=1.0pt] (67.5pt,96.3418pt) -- (71.5pt,106.3418pt) -- (75.5pt,96.3418pt) -- (71.5pt,100.3418pt) -- cycle;

the rectangle within tikz hasn't round corners.
Maybe you take the wrong plantuml.jar file (see line %generated by Plantuml 8056) ?

Version with % generated by Plantuml 8057beta6
seems to work fine for us.
(Last beta is 8057beta6)

yes this was compiled by the old version.

with the new version, all coners so beautiful round ;-)

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