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Connection between fields in classes without descriptions not working

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!define table(x) class x << (T,#FFAAAA) >>

table(Settings) {
  Table for all settings.
  <u>userId</u> int(11)
   int(10) -- A comment
  field1 int(10)
  field2 varchar(128)
table(Mitarbeiter) {
Table Mitarbeiter
+ field3
+ field4
Settings::field1 -> Mitarbeiter::field3
However if you give the connection between the two fields a name:
Settings::field1 -> Mitarbeiter::field3 : test
I hope this helps you fix these bugs.
asked Feb 14 in bug by anonymous

1 Answer

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Thanks for your examples  : it really help to fix the issue.

Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue within GraphViz. We've been able to build a beta that turns around this issue in some cases. Your examples are working fine with it, but other may probably fail. Do not hesitate to post again when you'll have some other crashes.

Here is the beta https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13064071/plantuml.jar

answered Feb 15 by plantuml (125,190 points)
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