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StereotypeABackgroundColor vs. Stereotype@BackgroundColor

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to style different types of nodes in class diagrams (classes, abstract classes, enums, interfaces, and annotations), I found the following four skinparams to change the background color of the circles of these node types:



I detected, that StereotypeABackgroundColor changes both abstract classes and annotations. This leads to the following questions:

  • Is it a bug, that StereotypeABackgroundColor changes annotations, too?
  • Is something like Stereotype@BackgroundColor missing to change annotations independent from abstract classes?
  • Or is everything working as desired?
asked Sep 26, 2016 in Closed bug by JohannesMeier (840 points)
recategorized Sep 28, 2016 by JohannesMeier

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Thanks for the feedback, it's definitively a bug.

We cannot use @ so we introduce stereotypeNBackgroundColor in last beta :


You can now have:

skinparam stereotypeABackgroundColor red
skinparam stereotypeNBackgroundColor blue

class foo1
enum foo2
annotation foo3
abstract foo4


BTW, the default color for Abstract Class and Annotation is still the same (#A9DCDF)

I think that we should use a different default color for annotation. Any suggestion ? Thanks

answered Sep 26, 2016 by plantuml (125,190 points)
selected Sep 27, 2016 by JohannesMeier
Thanks a lot for the fast fix and stereotypeNBackgroundColor as new feature! Works fine for me.

Yes, the default color for annotations should be different: What about #E3664A? The light red is a bit stronger than the light red for enumerations (#EB937F).
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