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tooltip issue on sequence diagram

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User.597d818b->Locus++: [[{{\n "id" : "lid.17d98ccc-372c-11e6-b4ed-e62258b45be7",\n "time" : "2016-06-20T21:15:19.962Z",\n "msgType" : "http.req",\n "msg" : {\n "ua" : "com.xyz.wx2.integration.l2sip.tests.SquaredToSquaredUC.SquaredToSquaredUCCloudUriMatrixIT.testFusedCallerHuronCalleeCloudUri",\n "uid" : "597d818b-e1d1-4251-8a10-a39af5891b26",\n "tid" : "L2Sip-ITCLIENT_l2sip-cfatestFusedCallerHuronCalleeCloudUri88d38418-680b-4a41-9585-d1202b89eeea_imi:false",\n "path" : "/loci/call",\n "method" : "POST"\n },\n "srcType" : "Test",\n "src" : {\n "ip" : "",\n "port" : 42538\n },\n "dstType" : "Locus",\n "dst" : {\n "ip" : "",\n "port" : 61346,\n "thread" : "nioconnector93"\n }\n}}]][POST] /loci/call [2016-06-20T21:15:19.962Z]


It was working well for the plantuml 8036, but it is not working any more on the latest plantuml 8043. Thanks.
asked Jun 20, 2016 by hongtu (120 points)
edited Jun 20, 2016 by hongtu
sorry, it works.
It looks like the tooltip is broken again with the latest version. The above tooltip sample is not working with the online http://www.plantuml.com/plantuml/uml/SyfFKj2rKt3CoKnELR1Io4ZDoSa70000

Tooltip and URL syntax has been slightly changed. See http://plantuml.com/link

1 Answer

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Thanks for the report.

We have an issue with very long lines (due to regular expression), and we did not have fix it yet...
We are just truncating lines when there are too long (but in the future, we expect to have a better and complete solution).

So in the last beta, we've just slightly increased this limit so that your example is working now:

But with even longer lines, this issue will occur again. So do not hesitate to post if you have the case.

Hope this helps!
answered Jun 21, 2016 by plantuml (131,070 points)
Thanks for quick reply.  How come it was working before. The tooltip could be very long in our call flow diagrams. What is the size limit of the tooltip lines? Based on my tests, it has the same issue with your attached plantuml.jar.
We've just uploaded a new beta with a limit of 850.
the new beta works for me now. Thanks for your help.
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