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Clipping in Activity Diagram

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Looking at http://plantuml.com/imgp/activity_013.png I find that "Page.onSecurityCheck" has been cut off by the left border. I have the same problem in my own project and would like to know how to prevent this.

If you have a solution to this I would like to know about it.

Best Regards,

asked Oct 29, 2015 by kt1024 (150 points)
edited Oct 29, 2015 by kt1024

1 Answer

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Many thanks for the report.

This has been fixed in last beta https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13064071/plantuml.jar

It will be included in next official release.

Thanks again!
answered Nov 1, 2015 by plantuml (126,730 points)
selected Nov 2, 2015 by kt1024
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