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Activity-beta Diagram: long text on arrow after elseif

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Hello guys,

Using elseif, I would like to add long text with several lines between the elseif and the activity, but the text gets over the activity.

Here the code :

if() then
elseif() then
elseif() then(I would like to write\na long text here\non several lines\nwithout getting over\nthe Activity box)

and the diagram : http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/lkyn3i903dll5hdr4tzekar-qangj8qu4djdqyllyp0gqyoxjxaxpuwjoze6bmwolzlxpwqscyp-pmltywyu1-qllftqrki1uhoo8bhcwjsqkht2bm1fev-sqkcy-s-kxuvtpfafyjw2o6nctcqgt-bnxvw6prlgzmrfryv85qad5bs2kqzhth1m00.php

Thank you !

asked Feb 6, 2015 in bug by MAV (580 points)

1 Answer

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Thank for the report.

This should be fixed in the new beta:

Do not hesitate if you find other issues!
answered Feb 11, 2015 by plantuml (126,730 points)
It is, thank you very much!
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