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Activity Beta: Arraw text and color problems

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I've playing with the arrow text and color for "Activity beta" and found some bugs:


if (cond1) then (yes)
    -[#red]->ending if;
else (no)
    if (cond2)
    -[#lightgreen]->ending inner else;
    -[#darkgreen]->ending outer else;
-[#gray]-> going to end;





  • if you pick a color before and if statement, the true path gets that color too [act1+cond1]
  • arrow ending an if/else gets the color but not the text [act2+act3]
  • some arrows only get partical color [true case of cond2]
  • final arrow before the "stop" don't get the color nor the text


There might be more flaws, but I was too lazy to test more combinations :P

asked Jan 9, 2015 in bug by pacheco (590 points)

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Here is a beta version that should fix reported bugs:


There are probably other issues, so do not hesitate to do feeback!

Thanks again,
answered Jan 12, 2015 by plantuml (125,210 points)
selected Jan 13, 2015 by pacheco
Seems to be working way better now.
Thank you very much for it
Actually I found another small bug:


-[#gray]->    #going to end;
-[#green]->#going to end;


Note that I start text on the gray arrow with some spaces.
But it still recognizes the text as starting with an "#", so it tries to enumerate it
Thanks, we've solve this in the new beta:

From my experiments, it looks completely fixed now.
Thank you for your support :)
There still a little bug. if u write a note before the end line, the next start line will be started with that note.

You are right:
* in the stable version that "arrow text" is only written (wrongly) after the next "start bullet"
* in the beta version it gets in both: in the right place and in the next "start bullet"

Well spot ;)

also, I found some other problems. You can check them here:

@planutml staff: please have a look into it whenever you can
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