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Render problems

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Use this activity flow with the new systax:



while (available?) is (no)
  if (condition?) then (yes)
    :other process;
  elseif (no) then (yes)
  else (no)
endwhile (yes)



The arrows from "no" conditions are merged but the merged arrow is starting from wrong place
asked Sep 24, 2014 in bug by anonymous
I faced the same bug with an if conditional that contains stop commands. I think that the following example demonstrates better the problem (it is the example from the web page with minor changes):

if (condition A) then (yes)
  :Text 1;
elseif (condition B) then (yes)
  :Text 2;
elseif (condition C) then (yes)
  :Text 3;
elseif (condition D) then (yes)
  :Text 4;
else (nothing)
  :Text else;

As you can see, the arrow always starts at the middle of the conditionals. If the first conditional which does continue is after the middle, there is a part of the line that is not rendered.

The workaround I used was to rearrange the conditionals.

1 Answer

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Thanks for the feedback.

This is somehow solved in 8008beta4 : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13064071/plantuml.jar

(The drawing is not perfect yet)
answered Sep 24, 2014 by plantuml (125,190 points)
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