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Uniform support of diagram-independent features

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PlantUML offers a couple of useful diagram-independent features such as legends, sub-diagrams, and creole. However, there is no uniform support for these features accross diagrams: some features are supported in some diagrams, but not in others.


For instance:

- legends can be added to several diagrams, but notably not to activity2

- {{embedded diagrams}} in notes seem to work only in sequence, but apparently work in legends of other diagrams (e.g., class)

- creole seems only supported in activity2 but would be useful in other diagrams

It would be useful (if possible) to support all these features uniformly in all diagrams. In the mean time, a table summarizing what is supported in each type of diagram would be useful.
Remark: support for creole is already planned soon in all diagrams according to http://plantuml.sourceforge.net/creole.html. The purpose of mentionning it in this message is to better convey the need for uniformity.
asked Feb 5, 2014 in Wanted features by fred (740 points)

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